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Thank you Nabisco and Mendelez for redesigning the box. Good work PETA.


Because FreeRange AnimalCrackers are much more ethical than caged animal crackers! Kudos to courageous Nabisco for freeing these fake animals so that we can devour them with loving hearts. We can all rest easy. All is right with the world now that PETA has gotten animal crackers to change their packages so that they are no longer pictured in cages. Now, the animals on the front of Animal Crackers box are free roaming— not caged.

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Glad we got that one solved. Now we only have nuclear war and climate change to solve and we are good.

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Now available in Chocolate! These crunchy Made-In-Hawaii Animal Cracker treats come in five fun shapes: the shark mano , dolphin nai'a , humpback whale kohola , octopus he'e , and moonfish opah.

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There's no right or wrong way to eat them! I was sorry I didn't bring some back home to Wisconsin. I look forward to being able to order some more! Our New Sea Animal Crackers come in a resealable bag for easy storage and snacking! All Rights Reserved.

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  • The internet's divided on Nabisco's animal crackers box redesign.
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